Case Study
University Of Derby
Unconscious  Bias Training

The Story

University of Derby sought a provider of engaging, interactive Equality and Diversity Training, to raise awareness across all departments. It was important that the solution was tailored to the University’s development needs, flexible to suit varying levels of existing knowledge and designed to encourage plenty of discussion and debate.

Equality & Diversity Specialist, Lynne Hunt, worked closely with project sponsors at the University and designed content for a suite of four programmes:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Discrimination at Work
  • Cultural Awareness

Having received fantastic results from the initial pilot programme, the training was rolled out across the organisation. After three academic years of training, we were also invited to work with neighboring academic establishment, Buxton and Leek College, on an additional project.

“It’s good because University of Derby recognise that, as a centre of learning, that everyone is encouraged to learn and grow, without the negative impacts of biases.”
Lynne Hunt,
Equality & Diversity Specialist



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The Programme

By the end of the programme, participants: 

  • Understand the filters through which they view and interpret themselves and others
  • Appreciate how unconscious bias can adversely affect judgement and decision making and negatively impact on performance and interactions
  • Understand how micro inequities can emerge when we least expect – and damage engagement with colleagues and customers
  • Explore how unconscious bias affects discretionary efforts, quality and attitudes towards work
  • Have explored and practiced different styles of influence and persuasion as a leader
  • Identify patterns in their own ways of evaluating, assessing and working with others
  • Begin to explore and plan for positive, tangible change – what can I take from this?
  • Apply learning to their own ways of working and plan for positive, tangible change

Delegate Comments

The Trainer

Lynne Hunt

Lynne Hunt has been Righttrack’s Senior Equality & Diversity since 2005. Very few specialists in the field can match Lynne’s extensive experience and thorough knowledge of current best practice.




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