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With shed-loads of experience and a bucket-load of satisfied customers, we are content in the knowledge that we’re pretty much masters in the design and delivery of in-house sales training solutions that achieve real, lasting results.

Whether you’re looking for Essentials Sales training or a Sales Masterclass we can tailor your programme to align with the sector you operate in, the nature of your products or services, your route to market, sales processes, business objectives and the existing experience and confidence levels of your sales staff. We focus on training your staff the skills they need to achieve your targets.

Bespoke Learning Solutions
OFF-THE-SHELF Programmes

Sales Training Programmes

Sales Essentials - Face to Face – 2 days

Sales Essentials - Telephone – 2 days

Closing Skills – 1 day

Negotiation Skills – 2 days

Designing Sales Presentations – 1 day

Making Sales Presentations – 2 days

Account Management – 2 days

Sales Presentations - 1 Day Masterclass

Sales Presentations - Masterclass

Sales Essentials – 2 days

Making Sales Easy with NLP – 2 days

Managing Sales (ILM Approved) – 4 modules (8 days)

Getting to the Heart of the Customer through Consultative Sales (ILM Approved) - 5 days

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