£6.5 billion a year

Absence due to stress costs the UK economy nearly £6.5 billion a year! It affects us all no matter what our occupation or level of seniority.


In fact it’s estimated that a staggering 1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill-health during our lives. Stress, depression and anxiety are the most common causes.

Corporate Mindfulness Training

Our flexible Mindfulness programmes have been carefully designed with love and passion by a team of specialists in training, therapy and mindfulness, and in collaboration with our not-for-profit partners at BS2B, with a vision to:


  1. Challenge the stereotype and stigmas associated with discussing our feelings and mental ill-health

     issues in the workplace.


  1. Help organisations nurture self-resourced workforces that are better equipped to deal with difficult

     situations, to sustain their own wellbeing and prevent mental ill-health.


  1. Take our learners on a personal journey using the Inner Wellbeing Process and the Core Value

     Approach to create clearer communication and build healthier happier relationships that can

     transform lives, teams and workplaces.


If you would like to view our free Mindfulness Matters resource, highlighting the importance of Mindfulness training within organisations, you can view it here.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Training

1-day (CPD Certified)


This highly experiential programme can be delivered as two consecutive or non consecutive half days. Expect a fast-paced programme that leaves learners with light-bulb moments to reflect on and practical tools to take through life.

Mindful Leaders Training

½ day


The overall aim of the programme is to build two skills: How to support the wellbeing of individuals within their teams. And advanced communication skills. It is essential for all managers who want to build high-performing teams, increase employee engagement or reduce stress, conflict and absenteeism.

Mindfulness e-Learning

1 hour (CPD Certified)


Highly interactive, animated online training that works equally well as an introduction to the workshops or as a way to keep the learning alive post-course.

Mindfulness Seminars &

Events with Actors


Through clever script writing, goose-bump inducing delivery and professional facilitation we bring the core learning to life with actors. Delegates get to see and ‘feel’ the impact that self-awareness, mindfulness and The Core Value Approach has on personal wellbeing, relationships and creating a happier workplace.

Train the Trainer in



For bigger organisations it can be more cost-effective to equip managers, in-house L&D teams, Mindfulness Champions or Mental Health First Aiders with the resources, skills and confidence they need to introduce and sustain mindfulness as part of the organisational culture.

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Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with mental health. As many as 60% of people say they would not feel comfortable talking to a line manager about it.


92% of the UK public believe that disclosing a history of mental ill-health would damage a person’s career. Surely it’s time we all did something to change this.

If you are an organisation that invests in creating and maintaining high performing, creative-thinking, engaged, diverse and inclusive teams then the happiness, health and wellbeing of your workforce should, unquestionably, be on your agenda too.

Mindfulness News 


Mindfulness leads to less stressed staff and better learning!

Mindfulness leads to less stressed staff and better learning!

That’s what Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor Sara Lazar told the Mind & Matter conference in London. After completing numerous studies at Harvard, she suggested that Mindfulness had an even more profound effect on the brain…


Royals step in to help eliminate stigma around Mental Health

Royals step in to help eliminate stigma around Mental Health

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as Prince Harry, are at the front of a new campaign to help end the stigma usually associated with Mental Health…


50% of workers aren't comfortable to discuss Mental Health at work

50% of workers aren't comfortable to discuss Mental Health at work

A shocking statistic has revealed that 49% of British adults in full-time employment would be unlikely to tell their boss about problems such as anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder…

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