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Modern-world communication occurs at lightning speed and today’s workforce is populated by five generations (all with differing needs). In response, we are shifting the way we communicate, motivate, innovate and performance manage… Traditional management approaches alone no longer cut the mustard.

Our in-house leadership and management training programmes and tailor-made solutions focus on nurturing modern managers to make their mark and contribute to the realisation of your organisation’s strategic objectives. Call us to chat about your requirements (or invite us over for coffee!) and we will create an inspiring leadership development solution that raises the game of your management teams.

Leadership Development Solutions

Leadership Development Solutions

OFF-THE-SHELF  Management Programmes


Introduction to Management – 1 Day Programme

Management Essentials – 5 Day Modular

Emerging Leaders – 4 x 2 day Modular

Strategic Leadership – 2 day programme

Mastering Leadership – 3 x 2 Day Modular

Leadership Uncovered – 3 x 2 days

Emotional Intelligence – 2 Days

Finance for Non-Financial Managers – 2 days

Leading High Performing teams – 2 days

Dealing with Conflict – 1 day

Strategic Thinking Workshop – 1 day

Strategic Management – 2 days

Leading Change for Managers – 2 days

Coaching Skills for Managers - 2 days

Delegation Skills – 1 day

Art of Creativity – 2 day

Advanced Effective Communication – 2 day

Work-life Balance – 2 day

Motivation towards Excellence – 2 day

Interviewing Skills with Unconscious Bias Awareness – 2 Days

Project Management Essentials – 2 Days

Self-Management & Organisational Skills – 2 Days

Strategic Thinking – 2 Days

Stress Management – 1 Day

Time Management Skills – 1 Day

Managing Remote Teams - 2 Days


Management Training

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