Equality and Diversity Training


Equality & Diversity training, what comes to mind: Dull? Lecture-based? A ‘tick-box’ exercise? Well, we take pride in smashing that myth out of the water – and delight in reading fabulous delegate comments post-event!

Yes, our in-house Equality & Diversity training programmes cover the relevant legislation (and the consequences for not complying), but imparting the facts is the easy bit. The challenge lies in engaging delegates and initiating behavioural changes crucial to instilling a culture of equity and respect. But with the right facilitator and content tailored for your organisation, we create goose-bump moments that make a difference.

Bespoke Learning Solutions
OFF-THE-SHELF Programmes

Equality and Diversity Programmes

Equality and Diversity Training for Everyone ½ Day

Equality and Diversity Training for Everyone 1 Day

Behaving Positively at Work 1 Day

Cultural Awareness ½ Day

Equality and Diversity Training for Managers 1 or ½ Day

Equality Impact Assessment 1 Day

Disability Equality & Making Reasonable Adjustments 1 Day

Equality & Diversity for Senior Management Teams ½ Day

Equality and Diversity through Forum Theatre

Speaking Out 1 or ½ day


Equality & Diversity with Actors

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