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Why is e-Less Learning® so great

e-Less Learning® is a brand new training methodology. It’s cost-effective, sensitive to operational needs and great for reaching lots of staff in widespread teams, fast. It is free from reliance on technology, external providers and the hassle of taking staff off the job for any significant time. Best of all, it preserves the engagement and effectiveness of face-to-face learning and promotes a learning culture.

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How does e-Less Learning® Work?

e-Less Learning® is a ‘forever resource’. It comprises a series of custom-written learning sessions expertly designed to be picked up and facilitated by anyone, anywhere; by managers, team leaders or colleagues ‘on the moment’, in team meetings, over a coffee, or on the job.

Sessions are generally short and snappy (10 – 60 minutes) and cleverly designed to run stand-alone or linked to others to form more in-depth modules. They are designed to embed and reinforce understanding and skills in ways that e-learning cannot. The focus can be on any subject; in particular those that involve developing self-awareness, communication and behavioural skills. You can use e-Less Learning® to embed your values, reinforce your customer service ethos, develop sales skills, management techniques, your diversity and inclusion strategy, and much more.

If you would like to see an example e-less learning® pack and discuss how this simple but revolutionary approach can work in practice, for your organisation, contact us and we will schedule a short introductory meeting.

e-Less Learning® is the perfect solution for organisations who:

  • Are looking for a cost-effective, scalable and effective training delivery methodology
  • Have non-desk based teams or for whom e-Learning isn’t a viable option
  • Are working with a tight budget per head but fixed on implementing engaging and effective learning
  • Aren’t convinced that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to e-learning’s effectiveness and ability to engage. Or have reservations about the standalone use of many learning technologies for soft skills training
  • Want to promote a collaborative learning culture
  • …or all of the above!

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The Learners’ Survey

Corporate Training Methodology Preferences 2016

When we asked 2,980 learners which training methodologies they prefer, we were surprised by the results. Despite 75% of organisations adopting learning technologies, less than 30% of survey participants chose e-Learning as one of their top three methodologies. Learners’ actual preferences are on-the-job training, coaching and classroom training. But how often are learners’ preferences taken into consideration by HR / Training departments? And how detrimental to the learning journey is a focus on the wrong approach?

Techniques scored as a top 3 methodology


1st – On the job training
2nd – One-to-one coaching
3rd – Training room based learning

We hypothesise that what learners really want is training tailored to their personal development needs. However fully meeting the demands of ‘Just for Me’ learning is a costly approach. e-Less Learning® satisfies both the operational and budgetary requirements of organisations, as well as the preferences of the learner. And, by blending methodologies we can, and do, bring the personalisation of on-the-job training and coaching (often by up-skilled managers); the convenience and flexibility of e-Less Learning® or e-Learning; and the enrichment of engaging, quality, tailored classroom training.

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Why Righttrack?

We have been designing bespoke, innovative learning for an impressive list of customers, for 30 years. Our founding Director’s OBE, for Services to Training and Export, is testament to Righttrack’s commitment to helping organisations of all shapes and sizes realise their dreams

We work with organisations to give their people the knowledge, skill and confidence they need to shine brighter in their roles. We achieve this in partnership with our customers; with thepassion and commitment of a team brimming with charisma and expertise; and the experience of being at the cutting edge of Learning & Development for almost three decade. We know you won’t be disappointed in the people development solutions we can design and deliver for your organisation.

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