Customer service training; a fine line between good and bad!

Today’s customers are incredibly powerful and know exactly what they want from a product or service; their expectation levels need to be met no matter what, which is why customer service training is so important.

The balance between good and bad customer service is quite fine; it is incredibly irritating when shop assistants are not equipped with the knowledge about their company’s products or services, never mind if they have bad attitudes and are downright lazy! On the other hand over zealous shop assistants are just as bad; instantly pouncing as soon as you look at the shop will not get the job done any better.

Shop assistants and customer service representatives are the front line of most organisations and are the ones who can make or break the experience for the customer and so it never ceases to amaze me when organisations are reluctant to invest in customer service training. Personally, I would see it as a necessity, otherwise bad practices can become very costly, which considering the business arena at the minute, spending money on problems that could have been avoided is not an ideal situation for anyone to be in.

By Gemma Middleton | Righttrack’s Marketing Manager

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