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We’ve specialised in the creative design and implementation of tailor-made learning solutions for 30 years (eek!) Over the past decade, we have watched with excitement as technology has infiltrated the world of Learning and Development. Now at our fingertips, we have more options and opportunities for creating you the perfect blended learning solution, than we’ve ever had before.

Every one of our projects is unique. It is for that reason that we work in a way that ensures we aren’t bound by sector, size, geography or budget. We just carefully select the right project team to scope learning strategies and craft content to align with each customer’s unique combination of organisational objectives and learners’ needs.

The trick is getting the right delivery methods in front of the right people, in the right dose at the right time. It’s about building skill, knowledge and confidence, and keeping the learning alive. Here are a few of the methodologies we choose from to create perfectly integrated blended learning solutions:

Classroom training

The Righttrack style is to engage, energise and enthuse. Sure, there’s formal input from your Learning & Development Specialist, but we aim to build knowledge and skills through maximum interaction and minimum lecture. We know from experience that that’s the only way to leave people feeling inspired, and to make a real difference to your organisation.

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e-Less Learning™

e-Less Learning™ is a brand new approach to training that’s cost-effective, sensitive to operational needs and great for reaching lots of staff in widespread teams, fast. It comprises of a series of learning sessions expertly designed to be picked up and facilitated by anyone, anywhere; by managers, team leaders or colleagues, ‘on the moment’, in team meetings, over a coffee, or even when under pressure. You can use e-Less Learning™ to embed your values, reinforce your customer service ethos, develop sales skills, management techniques, your diversity and inclusion strategy, and much more.

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We provide options for ready-made e-learning packages or totally bespoke solutions suitable for any device. Righttrack e-learning is inspirational, easy to use and designed with the learner in mind. It can be stand alone or can be effectively combined as part of a cleverly, crafted blended learning solution.

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Forum Theatre

Drama brings situations to life in a unique way. By stimulating the emotions and thinking of the audience you cause them to reflect on their own behaviours, prejudices and preferences and gain long term behavioural change. Sessions use an expert facilitator, as well as professional actors. Each scenario differs from, but draws parallels with your working environment and the culture of your organisation. This allows observers to make judgements on the fictional situation and characters allowing them to often see their own behaviours mirrored on stage.

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Experiential Learning

Bespoke experiential development whether indoors or out provides opportunity for learners to move out of their comfort zone. This super-participative, memorable approach enables individuals to become more self-aware and capable in their roles. It is ideal for those with ‘training fatigue’ and makes for highly effective learning.

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Social Learning

We can include into a blend, learning which happens through structured feedback, coaching, mentoring, or observation of peers and/or managers. Social learning can also include the use of sophisticated technology or something as simple as learning groups who talk to each other.

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Well planned and professionally presented webinars have a host of applications. They use strong visual imagery to support key messages. They save time and cost of travel and ensure the same message goes to a wide audience wherever they are on the globe. Multiple presenters can be present live or through video footage to provide variety and the authenticity of selected subject experts.

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Coaching is acknowledged to play a very significant part in embedding learning into an individual’s approach to their work. Righttrack’s team of qualified and experienced Life and Business Coaches provide individual coaching, either as standalone development, or as part of a blended approach. By helping individuals to reinforce their strengths and take steps to address development areas supported by a professional coach the organisation increases the capability and strength of its teams.

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We provide on-the-job assessments pre and/or post training to help support the embedding process. Trainers and coaches provide constructive feedback and support that lead to continuing development and enhanced capability.

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Our Approach to Blended Learning

We’ll be straight up with you. We don’t believe in tick-box development. We’re about throwing all 30 years’ experience into helping organisations reach ambitious targets by supporting their people to shine bright and excel. We work with organisations to plan their learning strategy, build integrated learning campaigns, or to design and implement independent learning solutions.

Our four fold process for partnering to determine the perfect blend includes:


Getting to understand your business and culture, as well as the development need


Configuring the right blend, customising every component to ensure the perfect fit


Our high-energy experienced team create memorable learning experiences


We use our ROI/ROE process to evaluate the impact of each step of the learning

Project Enhancements

  • Drop-In Centres
  • Competency Frameworks
  • Psychometrics
  • 360 Degree Questionnaires
  • Launch Events
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Comprehensive video resource
  • Scripted & Filmed Bespoke Case Studies
  • ILM Approved Programmes
  • Training Manuals
  • Training Manuals
  • Embedding
  • Performance Management Support
  • Webinars
  • e-Learning
  • 1-2-1 or On-the-Job Coaching
  • Assignments
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • 360 Degree Assessment
  • Pre/Post Testing
  • Assignments

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