5 Essential Top Tips for Export Newbies


  We have been exporting to the Gulf region since 1999. A long time! I am often asked what are my top tips for export, and succeeding in such culturally different and competitive environment. So, in the spirit of UK Trade and Investment’s Export Week, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for exporting.   1. Be prepared to adapt your services and products to the local market conditions – just because you successfully sell something […]

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    Customer Engagement And Making A Lasting Impression

    Customer Engagement Box

    A tale about a training consultancy, customers and cake   ‘Marketing’ /mɑːkɪtɪŋ/ Action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.’ Thank-you, Oxford Dictionary. You are dependable in your provision of deceivingly simple clarifications. In reality, Marketing is a multi-faceted, demanding place to be. We walk the tightrope of perfect product placement, pricing, promotion and placing with one eye on budget, ROI and competition, and the other on changing trends, […]

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      Memorable Customer Service – Nando’s Takeaway

      Nando's pic

      Who doesn’t like the occasional treat once in a while? The office team collectively decided that we would treat ourselves to Nando’s takeaway service for lunch, after a particularly busy week at work. A tad more expensive than the usual grabs at Sainsbury’s on a Friday but what the heck! It was something different and we thought that we deserved some employee happiness. We all put cash into the kitty and off I went with a colleague to […]

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        The Big Issue – My Experience

        Red entrance to The Big Issue

        The Big Issue & The Big Issue Foundation A hand up not a hand out – this is the mission statement that’s used to describe what The Big Issue and The Big Issue Foundation offers. They cultivate strong working relationships with Big Issue vendors, giving them opportunities to earn legitimate incomes; ‘helping them to help themselves’. Simply, they’re working, not begging. Since the economic down turn people from all walks of life have struggled to find […]

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          The Power of Empathy

          Learning and development trainer

          “If you could stand in peoples’ shoes… hear what they hear… see what they see… feel what they feel… then would you treat them differently?” It’s all too easy to go through life caught up in our own agenda. We often forget to stop and think about what might be going on in another person’s world, which is causing them to act or react in the way that they do. Reminding people about the power of […]

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            Righttrack Delegate Star Of The Month – Kirsty Whitehand

            Star of the month Kirsty Whitehand

            A goosebump inducing letter that that proves Learning and Development is more than just improving your performance at work This is a letter written by the lovely Kristy, a Medical Secretary at Yeovil Hospital, who recently attended a Righttrack training programme, Developing Patient Relationships. It doesn’t need much of an introduction, however, I’d like to mention that it is because of Kirsty that we have decided to launch our Star of the Month initiative to provide […]

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              Practice These 3 Steps To Gain Assertiveness Skills

              3 step assertiveness skills

              Walking the tightrope of assertiveness can be difficult, either in the workplace, with family or hanging out with friends   The challenge is to balance your behaviour between two extremes; presenting yourself as (doormat) too passive or being (bully) overly assertive or aggressive. Using assertiveness with grandparents to be Surely telling your parents and in laws that they are going to be grandparents is one of life’s most amazing moments? Of course, I hear you say. […]

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