The Challenges of Regulation in Multi-Cultural Communities

People Under The Micrscope

Regulating within a Diverse Society – the Why’s and the How’s “We bend over backwards for these people…”  “People should fit in…” We’ve all heard these phrases at some time. Complying with regulation can be confusing – and more so for some multi-cultural communities. Consider how hard it can be sometimes to get to grips with the complexity of regulatory systems to ensure that we can comply with them, either as individuals or as business […]

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    Sales Training Induction Workshop


    The Big Issue: The Journey to a Sales Training Induction Workshop with a Difference   The Big Issue offer 1000s of vulnerable individuals the opportunity to earn a living through their own street-selling micro-business. It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up. But imagine starting a business doing something almost impossible to love, with only basic communication skills and no previous experience, in a time of utter personal crisis. Over the past 6 months, we […]

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      Are Office Christmas Cards Politically Correct?

      12 Days of Christmas

      Christmas Card Advice from an Equality & Diversity Specialist You’ve survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ve got the date in the diary for the annual festive outing with c olleagues. Now it’s a countdown to some well-earned down time at home. Wait a minute though! What about sending some Christmas cards to your colleagues? But is it that simple in our multi-cultural age? Should I be sending Christmas cards at all if my colleag […]

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        What is Unconscious Bias?

        Unconscious Bias in Society

        Unconscious Bias in Every Day Life In a report by John Blake, CNN, last week I read the results of a psychological experiment I’d not come across before. It really took me back! “They showed people a photograph of two white men fighting, one unarmed and another holding a knife. Then they showed another photograph, this one of a white man with a knife fighting an unarmed African-American man. When they asked people to identify […]

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          5 Essential Top Tips for Export Newbies


            We have been exporting to the Gulf region since 1999. A long time! I am often asked what are my top tips for export, and succeeding in such culturally different and competitive environment. So, in the spirit of UK Trade and Investment’s Export Week, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for exporting.   1. Be prepared to adapt your services and products to the local market conditions – just because you successfully sell something […]

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            Customer Engagement And Making A Lasting Impression

            Customer Engagement Box

            A tale about a training consultancy, customers and cake   ‘Marketing’ /mɑːkɪtɪŋ/ Action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.’ Thank-you, Oxford Dictionary. You are dependable in your provision of deceivingly simple clarifications. In reality, Marketing is a multi-faceted, demanding place to be. We walk the tightrope of perfect product placement, pricing, promotion and placing with one eye on budget, ROI and competition, and the other on changing trends, […]

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              Memorable Customer Service – Nando’s Takeaway

              Nando's pic

              Who doesn’t like the occasional treat once in a while? The office team collectively decided that we would treat ourselves to Nando’s takeaway service for lunch, after a particularly busy week at work. A tad more expensive than the usual grabs at Sainsbury’s on a Friday but what the heck! It was something different and we thought that we deserved some employee happiness. We all put cash into the kitty and off I went with a colleague to […]

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