The Meaning Of Employee Engagement

Gummy bear - crowd surfer by star and fans

The phrase ‘Employee Engagement’ in Management and Leadership Training Programmes is often tossed about like a crowd surfer From the moment hands are in contact with it, the next moment it’s gone.   Many managers who are up to their eyes in the turmoil of big challenges and long days really appreciate what ‘employee engagement’ is and how job attributes and leadership are at the core of it. See ‘The Meaning of Employee Engagement’ by WILLIAM H. MACEY and BENJAMIN SCHNEIDER. […]

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    Excellent Customer Service Skills – You Must Be Joking

    Laughing Eggs

    Bad customer service is no laughing matter  “What me? Attend a customer service skills training programme! “You must be joking! I went on a course when I left college.” “I’ve been working here for 11 years now – no one’s complained.” “Send the new people; it would be an insult if I were sent on a course.” They simply don’t provide the training Because they can’t get staff buy-in to attend customer service skills training organisations […]

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      Presentation Skills – Top Tips To Become A ‘Rock Star’ Presenter

      ‘rock star’ sales presentations skills

      Ever dreaded going in front of an audience to give an important presentation? Some people seem naturally more confident with their presentation skills, or have more experience than others, at delivering a top presentation. They make it entertaining and effortless in appearance. Will Mckelvie, training specialist with Righttrack Consultancy provides some key insights regarding presentations. Having spent many years in sales and senior sales management as well as being an accredited designer and facilitator of […]

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        Is Kanye West Having A Negative Impact On Equality & Diversity?

        Kanye_West bad role model for equlaity and diversity

        Could he be affecting the way his fans perceive and respond to equality & diversity issues?   Watch the Throne Tour  was a co-headlining concert tour by rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West Back in 2011, I was offered the chance to see Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne tour and whilst not being the biggest fan in the world, I’m British, so I do love a good freebie and certainly wouldn’t have heard the end of it from my friends if […]

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          Do We Have A Competitive Nature Or Is It Forced Upon Us?

          Competitive businessmen racing

          We encounter competition in many different ways throughout our lives. I’ve spent a lot of time recently attending a range of competitive activities with my daughter. They’ve made me think about whether we naturally have a competitive side, or it’s just forced into us by our parents, as we grow up. As a child, I can’t really remember many of my sports events at school; although I do remember being in the cross-country team at 14 years of age. Even though […]

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            Awaken The Conscious Mind And Beat Unconscious Bias

            bearded man thinking

            Are your unconscious biases being a help or a hindrance? There’s so much about myself that I don’t know. I realise my brain’s more complex, powerful and capable than any computer and I’m pretty sure it’s processing much, much, more than it lets on – It’s strictly need to know. This itself is good to be aware of. My mind is working on two levels of awareness: The conscious and unconscious mindLevel 1: Conscious Awareness: Things I know – […]

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              The Real Power Of Body Language In The Workplace

              Frustrated business man

              How can body language affect your feelings and the feelings of others? Much has been written on the need to take care of how we present ourselves through our body language, that I worry we have come to a point where we dismiss it, thinking yes, I know all that. Arms crossed against our body means this, or hunched shoulders means that. That said, I think it is worth reminding ourselves of the real power […]

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