Tips for Trainers #2 – 11 Steps to Designing an Awesome Group Training Activity

Make things happen

Designing Training “….be creative, be bold and innovative, but follow the rules.” Following my previous blog, Trainers Tips #1 Know Your Delegate Diversity, I wanted to get talking about something a lot of us in L&D just love to do, designing high-impact, interactive and effective learning activities. I have been crafting creative development solutions for organisations for almost 30 years; I think it’s safe to say, it’s my thing! But whether you love it or […]

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    Tips for Trainers: #1 Know Your Delegate Diversity

    pencil faces

    The Rich Tapestry of Delegate Diversity An actor friend of mine once said that new actors were the best prepared. I find this very true of new trainers, who usually know their programme content inside out, even rehearsing before they run a first time session. However, one of the key challenges for new trainers, is not whether they will forget the running order, or the detail on this or that model, but whether they can […]

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      Presentations: Get Confident!

      Set an anchor by thinking of something positive

      Take control & stop worrying about presentations… Some people naturally ooze confidence from every pore and seem to glide through life with never an awkward moment. A young man I’ve known since infant-hood could, at the age of 4, talk happily at the front of the classroom; at the age of 12, comfortably talk off the cuff to a crowd of parents following a rugby game; and as an intern, make a presentation to over […]

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        Unconscious Bias and Performance Management


        Are Managers influencing under-performance? Leaders need to be able to manage employee performance to meet business goals on a day-today basis, as well as at formal reviews. It’s important this is carried out equitably and in a way that meets the needs of both the individual and the organisation. But what happens if during this critical process we are inadvertently discouraging staff, limiting their opportunities to progress and excel, or leaving them feeling neglected? Unconscious […]

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          4 Top Tips to Increase Attendance at Your In-House Training Programmes


            Get Your In-House Training Programmes Bursting at the Seams! Haunted by negative past experiences, customers often ask what they can do to ensure full attendance to their schedule of in-house training programmes so with the help of one of our customers, Claire Bonnet, Equality & Diversity Officer at Midland Heart, we have complied our top 4 tips: Top Tip #1: Harness the Power of Word of Mouth As far as we are concerned, it is part […]

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            Can your Business Support The Big Issue Too?

            Big Issue Volunteer Tops

            Last year we worked with The Big Issue on a fantastic project designing a brand new Sales Induction programme for new vendors. Since then, we have been following their progress closely; it is a truly fabulous organisation! As part of the research and familiarisation phase of the project, we found out a lot about The Big Issue that we didn’t already know. This included finding out about corporate subscriptions, which we thought we would share […]

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              The perils of the passive customer


              I was working recently with the staff of a small conference company. We were talking about their relationships with customers and how they could build even better ones. The CEO told me: “I want our relationships with customers to keep them coming back to us time an d time again.” I asked the group what their worst ever experience had been as a customer. One of them said she’d been to the hairdresser, asked for […]

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