Technologically Enhanced Communication vs Connected Conversations

how to wow communication

My children have been texting since birth. They have more friends on social media than I could even dream about. And they have a far deeper and more meaningful relationship with Siri than they do with me. They chat, post, update, like and comment with the speed and commitment of elite athletes in training. Nothing will take them from their screens. If I take one screen from them, within moments another has replaced it. It’s […]

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    Telling Your Team Your Weaknesses & Innermost Fears

    Righttrack explain how to balance strengths and weaknesses

    Killer Questions at Interview ‘So, what is your biggest weakness?’ is often the killer question asked at job interviews, timed just when you thought it was going so well.  Although, I am not sure why this question is asked. If you have done your upmost to make a good impression, are you really going to answer the question truthfully or with a response of any substance? In fact, interviewers usually get the answer they deserve, […]

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      A New Angle for Development: Build on Your Strengths & Just Manage Your Weaknesses

      Strengths finder test

      Until recently there had been a strong focus on identifying people’s strengths and weaknesses by whatever method, be it 360 degree assessments or psychometric profile testing. Assessments are often followed by some sort of training or development to close or at least narrow the gap on perceived weaknesses. This is all well and good. However, if you are an amazing people manager, but draw a real blank when confronted with strategic planning, and reflect that […]

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        Top Tip for Trainer #5 – Writing a Training Manual  

        Righttrack Consultancy present how to write a training manual

        Consider the Use of the Manual   A training manual may be prepared to form a vital component of a long or short term formal training project The first part of preparing a training manual is to consider how the manual is to be used and what you need from it. There are various uses including, as a: Trainer’s manual – used for the trainer/s to run a development programme. If the same programme is […]

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          Why Day-Dreaming is Good for Business

          Righttrack Consultancy day dream business

          Organisations everywhere looking to reinvent themselves: implement new profit streams, design new services, manufacture innovative new products or create fresh brand images, need to draw on talented individuals and teams who have the ability to be creative and innovative. Some new ideas just evolve as a natural extension of an existing product or service. New inventions are often introduced to the market place as a result of solving one of societies many problems or inconveniences. […]

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            Top Tips for Trainers #4: The Pros and Cons of the Top 9 Face-to-Face Training Delivery Methodologies

            The Pros and Cons of the Top 9 Face-to-Face Training Delivery Methodologies

            Continuing with the series of blogs for those trainers who are new to preparing and implementing effective development programmes or short session, this blog takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages for different delivery methods. If you haven’t already seen them check out: Tips for Trainers #1: Know Your Delegate Diversity Tips for Trainers #2: 11 Steps to Designing an Awesome Group Training Activity Tips for Trainers #3: Top 10 Considerations to Optimise Your […]

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              Tips for Trainers #3: Top 10 Considerations for Motivating Delegates

              motivating delegates- tips for trainers

              So if you have been following my recent series of blogs, Tips for Trainers you will now be adept with Delegate Diversity and Designing an Awesome Training Activity! Anyone facilitating a development session will know the importance of motivating adult learners to learn. If the facilitator is awake and in tune with their delegates, they will notice from the whites of their eyes, when they are switching off and think about something else. This signals […]

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